White Water Rafting

Sri Lanka is an island surrounded by sea, and its hill Country Mountains are flowing with river water. As Sri Lanka provides all kind of Beach sports, its rivers too provide sports activity round the year, depending on the dry season April which will have less water level, while rainy season will have more water flow thus increasing the river speed.

For the White water Rafting, Sri lanka' s Kitulgala is the best place where Kelani Ganga flows with rapid speed around curbs, comes in the first choice by the rafters.

To reach Kitulgala it takes around 2 hour's of car drive from Colombo the Sri Lanka's tourist capital. It's rocky riverbed, makes water flow more rapid. A challenging one even for the well experienced masters of the water rafting.

In Srilanka there are some companies along with private people operates professional white water rafting service. You will be provided assistance from those for a thrill ride of nearly two hours of white water rafting.

When you are planning your Sri Lanka vacation doesn't forget to tell your travel agent to arrange for the White water Rafting. If you are making your Sri lanka air ticket booking by yourself then don't forget to book for the White water Rafting event to if you are looking for adventures vacation in the rivers.

Also Sitawaka, Mahaweli, and Kotmale Rivers too offer White water rafting facility for the Sri lankan Tourist. To enjoy the thrill contact us, we will give you all our best for a white water rafting experience in Srilanka.

If you are coming for the White water Rafting competitions don't forget to bring your own crew and gadgets with you. Most of the air lines offer cheap air tickets for the group fliers when they are flying to participate in the sports events.

Also in the Southeast Asia region India, Nepal, and Pakistan too offer challenging water rafting experience. Before book there for the rafting expeditions check the weather forecast for the area for safe navigation.

Kitulgala, Sri Lanka is the place where the movie 'Bridge on the River Kwai' directed by David Lean was filmed. In this popular white water rafting place you can find good hotels where are some of them are located with the famous river Kelani. If you love bird watching or like doing bird photography this is is an ideal place that you will love other than rafting in the river.

Check with your travel agent for Kitulgala river rafting and hotel booking before you start your journey.

White Water Rafting