Weigh and Buy Air Ticket?

By Shan | 3/29/2013

Those who are with extra large body may have to pay excess money for their weight when they purchase their ticket in the near future? The idea is rounding in the news. Is it from a jealous group of slim people seeing people with large body weight pay the same amount of price for their air tickets?

Any how this may come in to effect if all the airlines agree.

This idea also found in the Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management by Bharat P Bhatta who is an associate professor of economics at Sogn og Fjordane University College in Norway.

He put forward three acceptable solutions.

    - Simple price per Kilo of body weight. - Fixed low fare and the heavier passengers to pay a surcharge. - Less weight passengers can be offered with a discount.

Plenty people point out that this pricing is discriminatory and humiliating.

Currently Samoa Air in the Pacific region is charging their passengers according to their body weight.

Mean while Southwest Airlines ask their passengers either to fit in the 17 inches between the armrests, other wise they have to buy a second seat.

The American Airlines says that those passengers who are unable to buckle their seatbelt properly must "address their seating needs" while they are booking.

There are no news from the Asian region air lines like Sri Lankan airline, Singapore airlines or Air-India.

Source of the article: www.foxnews.com

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