Visiting London.

London is one of the greatest places to visit on the earth and the modern travelers must give preference to visit there. Lot of tourists from all over the world is travelling to London every year for vacations.

In London all the seasons have their attractions. Further more the city offer architectural attractions, Zoo, parks, Parks, Museums, Sports, Gyms, Galleries, Shopping, Night Life, Entailment, dining and more to cater each and every person.

To name some attractions see the list here like Tower of London, Kensington Palace, St Paul's Cathedral, Windsor Castle, London Zoo, the London Aquarium Shakespeare's Globe, Tate Modern, British Museum, The National Gallery, Natural History Museum, The BA London Eye, Science Museum, The Victoria & Albert Museum, The Tower of London, National Portrait Gallery. Most of the tourist attractions requires to purchase an entry pass.

The London City offers best transport system of air, road, rail and sea to the visitors. The Double Decker buses are and London Taxis are world famous for their names in the road transport service. Trains, ferries, Helicopter services are some too to be mentioned here.

You can visit London by air planes or Euro rail or ferries with regular fare or cheap ticket fare. To visit London some country citizens don't need a visa, many country citizens may need a valid visa to make their trip. Check here whether you need a visa or not. Click here

Double decker busWhen you are in London you can buy a Pass or ticket with deduction on entrance ticket which will allow you to visit many tourist attractions easily and with less cost. For London Public transport also you can buy tickets to get around London's public transport network with reload facility at low price.

In London UK Pounds is the official Money. Better to keep local currency in your hand, although all major currencies and credit cards are accepted in all most all the shopping malls, big shops and restaurants.

Also in London you can rent your self driven car if you have all the necessary documents. With a good Smartphone with GPRS connection you can find all the important tourist attractions to visit by yourself.

Don't forget to take your seasonal clothes and some smart suits as some restaurant and night clubs requires you to be in good dresses to allow you in side.

As London is one of the expensive city it is better for you to have your own travel and personal insurance to cover unexpected events that may happen while you are visiting London.