Travelling Luggages

Air Line passenger’s air tickets allow them to carry certain amount of things along with them as luggage. This travelling luggage can be boarded online where you are starting your journey and can be removed from your last destination.

Travelling Luggage

They are classified in the following category.

  • Hand Luggage.
  • Accompanied Baggage.
  • Unaccompanied Baggage (Contact your travel agent to send luggage prior to your travel and can collect on a later date after your arrival.)

There is no fee to carry hand luggage and accompanied Baggage if they are within the weight limit by the air line. If it exceeds the given baggage limit you will be asked to get rid of the excess weight. You can give them back to your relatives or friends who came with you to send off. Otherwise you will have to pay for the excess weight. Normally Colombo to Sydney may cost US$ 50 per kilo.

As the fuel price is going up passengers are loosing on their weight on carry on luggage and baggage allowance. Also transport workers unions made to the baggage size to a limited size of 20Kilos per bag. Some Air lines are giving advantage to passengers to stay in the market. Most of the Airports have a standard box near to the ticketing counter with the particular air line’s cabin luggage size. You can check whether your carry on luggage fit in to it and can check the weight too. This is to ensure your carry-on luggage will fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.

Regarding the Baggage, this may differ from Airlines and the distance you travel. Normally this is between 20Kg - 40Kg. You have to verify this with your travel agent when you buy your air ticket.

Baggage allowance will be given in your air ticket. If you are immigrating to some other country you may contact your travel agent with the document proof to get more

Travelling Luggage

Baggage allowance.

Baggage allowances normally 2 pieces.

Maximum dimensions are 62 linear inches/157 cm (Total: length + width + height)

The normal Air line maximum dimensions of carry on luggage is 45 linear in/115 cm (total: length + width + height) Maximum weight of carry on luggage: 15 lb/7 kg. Some air lines allow 2 pieces with total weight of 7 Kilos.

Don't carry more than the allowed weight in baggage. The Airline will charge you for the excess weight. This may increase according to the distance. (if you are lucky, some time they may allow you to carry some kilos of excess luggage free of charge).

At the check in counter get your hand luggage Tag and put it on your bag.

Once you hand over the baggage they will staple the baggage number tags on your ticket.

If you are travelling as a family you can weigh all the baggage together and and get the tags on one ticket. This will help you to over come little of the over weight.