Travel Insurance.

Travel insurance takes important part in the modern day air travelers travel plan.

When a person wants to travel to a country for a said reason he must check whether it is a visa free country for his citizenship country from where he is holding his passport.

As per Australia, they had instructed all their visitors to have traveler insurance during their stay over there. Other wise their visa will be cancelled. Most of the Sri Lanka visitors are getting their insurance from the Australian companies that will allow them pay in monthly installments during their stay over there.

If he is required to obtain a visa prior to his arrival, he has to apply for a visa in the particular country's consular section in his country. Before issuing the visa for that person, the consular office will check whether he got a valid reason to obtain the required visa also the visa officer will check weather the applicant has a valid Insurance policy which will cover the medical and other needs. If the person got a good insurance policy, the person's chance of getting the visa is very strong.

There are travelers insurance issued by insurance companies and the carrier which the visitor intend to travel. Policies issued by the Insurance companies have more covering than the carriers, but they may be expensive.

The students and work permit holders can obtain them from local insurance companies prior to their travel. Also the older age of the traveler and his/her pre-existing medical conditions will make the policy price higher.

The International traveler's insurance policy must cover the following.

  • Medical/Hospital expenses
  • Emergency repatriation
  • Overseas funeral expenses
  • Accidental death, injury or disable coverage
  • Cancellation of Flights, Trips and Hotel bookings.
  • Curtailment
  • Delayed departure
  • Loss, theft or damage to personal possessions and money including travel documents.
  • Delayed baggage and emergency replacement of essential items)
  • Legal assistance
  • Personal liability and rental car damage excess.
  • There is special coverage for Mountaineers, Skiing and Water Sports.
  • You can get more information from you insurance agent and travel agent. There won't be any coverage for injury or illness caused by alcohol or drug use.

So if you are going to take a travel insurance first of all read the particular companies' terms and conditions well and see whether it will suite your overseas trip. In recent times some Insurance companies didn't support their customers in case of volcano eruptions that caused many flight cancelations in the Europe. Like wise those riots in the Far East did closed many air ports and the Insurance companies declined to cover the passengers with compensation.

In Sri Lanka those who have NRFC foreign currency account in Sri Lanka banks can check with their bank to see whether they will be covered by the banks insurance policy for the foreign trip. Some banks have air ticket selling facilities too through their affiliated companies to their banking clients. So, first check with your bank for the travel insurance, when you are going to start your travel plan.

Tips For Buying Good Travel Insurance.