Three Wheel transport service.

In Sri Lanka you can find taxi and 3 wheel service for transport when you are travelling short distances in side towns. These three wheelers are popularly called as "auto" in Sri Lanka.

They are cheap and quick to reach destinations during the peak hours where lot of traffic is on the road. Most of the drivers don't hesitate to change lanes within fraction of seconds.

Currently most of these three wheelers are fitted with tariff meters for the benefit of the passengers. Only thing you have to check is whether the driver is resetting the meter for the new passenger. If you like the driver and his service you can get his mobile phone number, so you can call him any time. If he is free he will come over to your place within minutes in his area. Like wise there are many metered taxi service providers, you can call them by phone numbers given by them in the advertisements.

There is no cheating is reported by the passengers on the tariff of this electronic taxi meter so far.

These three wheelers used to display "Meter" in the front of it. You can get them from any stand or falg them if there are no passengers in it. The drivers will take one party only for the travelling and no one can join in on the way to the destination.

The advantage of travelling by three wheel taxi in Sri Lanka as follows.

  • It is cheap.
  • It can be found at any time.
  • It travels faster when in traffic zones.(Most of the drivers don't care about the lane changing rule).
  • There are no doors. So when you are travelling on the roads near to beaches you will get good fresh air.

Disadvantages of three wheel taxi travelling in Srilanka as follows.

  • If you are travelling at peak time and trapped in traffic and for your bad time a bus or lorry is parked next to you will give you to breathe the exhaust from the bus or lorry.
  • In rainy times, you may get wet even if they have good side covers.