Student Air Ticket.

Air tickets for students are available at concession rates from most of the air lines online and through ticketing agents all over the world. Each year lot of young people from third world countries used to fly for to get higher education in the top universities in America and in other developed countries.

These pupils used to fly to their homes and return back to their educational institutes during the vacation period. They used to fly with international air lines and domestic flights. To get student ticket deal, they must provide the following things in advance to get their discounted one from the ticketing agent.

Student air ticket
  • Valid visa in the students’ valid passport.
  • If flying through transit routes? Check whether you will need transit visas for those countries.
  • Duly confirmed admission letter or a valid student card.

It can be a single trip or round trip within the limited period of booking. Also if a group of under graduates are booking for a certain flight, they may get more discount on the price.

Validity: Six months, one year or you can consult your agent to adjust the validity. It can be adjusted to suit his/her holiday length. (Campus or College) There is another important thing about the travelling date, so while booking your schedule, and ask them whether you can change the travelling date. Because some air lines don’t allow it.

Get full information on the refund policy of the air line before you buy the flight-ticket. Most of them offer refund or cancellation money only in the place where the original purchase was made. Also there applies age barrier for students as 12 -25 years old. Some carriers accommodate over 25 year's old students under some conditions. Some air lines operating to the USA and Canada offer special allowance for the student on their luggage.

If you are going to study in Australia and if you are from India, Australian or Indian based carriers may offer you the cheap air tickets. So check with them first. If you are going to fly by budget air lines take note they will allow limited baggage only and some time they may charge for meals and soft drinks served onboard.

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