Sri Lanka Air Ticket Prices.

Sri Lanka air ticket prices may vary according to season, passenger class, passengers, transits and air lines. To reach Sri Lanka you can find cheap Sri lanka air ticketsfrom the low cost air lines like Mihin Lanka Airlines, FlyDubai etc. There are many direct flights from Europe which are expensive when compared with the flights that have transit stop over.

During the European winter season most of the air lines increase their Colombo bound air ticket prices as there are lot of tourist used to come over to Colombo for their vacation.

As you know depending on the service they provide, most of the airlines offer suites, first class, business class and economy classes. Of course there is a big different of price between classes for same Colombo destination. Mean while you have to take note that the latest model air planes offer fuel efficiency and that make them to offer cheaper air ticket fares.

Student visa holders and young children can get discount priced air tickets on Colombo one way and on round trip tickets. Between the destinations if you are looking for a non stop flight like Colombo to London may be expensive one when comparing with Colombo - Dubai - London with Dubai transit. More transit will give good selection of air lines for cheap priced air ticket but your journey will be a longer time consuming one due to transits. On the other hand these transit points must be visa free for your nationality other wise you have to pay for them too to make your travel plan more expensive.

Air lines from Sri Lanka like Srilankan air line will give you the cheapest air line ticket for Colombo bound passengers if you can book it very early. Like wise Mihin Lanka Airline can offer you cheapest low cost air line ticket.

So you must understand that the air ticket to Colombo, Sri Lanka may vary according to destination, season and air lines. So if you are going to buy a single or round trip air ticket to Colombo spend little time and check the price from each air ticket agents or travel agents. Mean while online air tickets are available very cheap but there are many conditions too are coming with the purchase of the online air ticket.

Air Lines serving Srilanka from the Asia Region.

  • Malaysia Airline
  • China Southern Airlines
  • Thai Airlines
  • Asiana Airlines
  • Philippine Airline
  • China Airlines
  • Qatar Airlines
  • Emirates Airline
  • Vietnam Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Kingfisher Airlines
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • Singapore Airline
  • Pakistan International Airlines
  • Cathay Pacific Airlines
  • Korean Airlines
  • GO Airline
  • Tiger Airlines
  • Indian Airlines
  • Garuda Airlines
  • EVA Airlines

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