Sending Off Relatives At Colombo Airport.

Everyday a lot of passengers are arriving and departing through the Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport. If you are accompanying your relatives to send them off through the Colombo airport, take note of the following things.

Passengers and the visitors must know the Flight Number and departure time of the air line.

Passengers must have their Passports and the air tickets handy near the Katunayake airport and their relatives and friends must have their NIC ready to show at the check points.

Any numbers of visitors are allowed with a passenger to go inside of the Airport departure section.

Those who are accompanying the passengers must by an entry permit at the price of Sri Lankan Rs.300/-each at the entrance. There are trolleys available for the passenger to take their luggage up to the security check. (After the security check, the passenger can get another trolley from there too.)

Passenger must have the passport and Air ticket ready for inspection.

Those visitors entering with the passengers also should pass the Security check at the entrance including the passenger. The visitors are advised to keep the entry permit with them during their stay at the airport.

Vehicles which are carrying the passenger and the relatives are allowed to park in the parking area with the driver only. Parking fee is Sri Lanka Rs.230/-.

Visitors must keep the Vehicle's number and the driver's mobile phone number to call back the vehicle for the return journey.

In the departure Lounge there is ample seating facility, coffee shop, Gift shops, a supper market, Siddlepha, Tea sales centre, Traveler's Cheque offices, Banks offer foreign exchange, Excess baggage service, SLT telephone service and internet service (Rs.150/- for 15 minutes usage), Computer Print outs Rs 100/-, European style Restaurant in the upstairs are available.

If there are any excess baggage the passenger can come back and hand them over to their relatives during the air line check in time.

Sending Off Relatives At Colombo Airport.

If the passenger had taken enough Rs 5/- coins with them, they can make calls from the coins operated public phone booths fitted in the departure area to their relatives who are waiting in the visitor's area of the airport through the visitor's mobile phones.

Visitors can accompany the passenger only to the departure lounge and there after they can watch their loved ones through the glass wall up to the Emigration point in side the airport.

Article by: Kalinga Fernando


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