Arrival At Colombo Airport.

If you are expecting any of your relatives or friends to arrive at the Colombo International airport first of all write down the flight details along with the flight number which they are coming.

You can reach near to Colombo air port by train or public bus service, call cabs or through a private vehicle.

The private vehicle can be parked in the parking lot with the fee of Rs 230/-. Before you get down from the hired vehicle get the driver's mobile phone number to call him back from the parking area for the return journey. If you don't have a phone facility then you can contact the public service provider at the out side of the terminal and provide the vehicle number and they will make announcement through their public sound system to alert the driver at the parking lot.

Coffee shop

You can buy the visitor pass and can go directly up to the gate of passenger arrival terminal. The entry permit is currently Rs.300/- at the selling counter. In side of the arrival lounge there are enough seating facility for the visitors to sit and wait for the flight landing. You can find clean toilets and free drinking water facility too there. On the right side corner of the lounge, there is a newly built coffee shop where you can buy drinks, coffee and snacks. Myself bought one Nescafe for Rs 50/- and a soft sponge cake for Rs. 40/- while I have to wait for the delayed flight to land.

Mobile phone carriers

Those passengers who are arriving from overseas can find paging service from travel agents on the left side, if they have made their booking earlier. Also there are many post paid taxi service operators available at the arrival lounge. Also they can find hotel booking facility and mobile phone carriers like Dialog, Mobitel and Etisalat, selling SIM cards at the lounge.

You can wait there till the passenger arrives there. If there is no flight delay it will take a passenger to come out within 30 - 60 minutes from the arrival time of the flight, if they are not spending much time in the Duty free shopping area to make their shopping.

Once the passenger arrived to your spot you can call the vehicle or can book a vehicle at the airport transport booking center. They will provide you with the vehicle details and the service charge. You can pay the driver at the end of the journey, if you had booked at the airport taxi service terminal.

There are uniformed people providing porter service to the passengers at reasonable rate. Arriving invalid passengers will be carried in wheel chairs by the airline staff up to the point where they can climb in to their vehicles.

Passenger Arrival At The Colombo AirportPassenger Arrival At The Colombo Airport