Luxury Train Service in Sri Lanka.

Visitors to Sri Lanka can enjoy the local train service that is provided for the locals and to the visiting tourists. Most of the trains that are running between large cities used to have observation car, first class, second class (including Sleeperates) and third class compartments and are priced according to available services.

There are buffets cars attached to them, where passengers can purchase hot tea and hot coffee along with cool refreshments and short eats.

Foreign tourists can enjoy their travel with the newly introduced luxury train compartment which are running between Colombo, Kandy and other important towns. The service is provided under daily basis and as seasonal service. Mean while they operate following sectors too regularly. You must contact their office or you can reserve your seats through their online website.

Luxury Train Service in Sri Lanka.

The observation car is the best one for the tourists and the others who like to view surrounding sceneries while enjoying a comfortable trip in the train. Observation car seats should be reserved at the Colombo, Kandy, or Badulla railway stations.

Luxury Train Service in Sri Lanka.

Luxury Train Service in Sri Lanka. Colombo - Badulla Colombo - Nanuoya Colombo - Peradeniya Peradeniya - Nanuoya Peradeniya - Badulla Colombo – Jaffna.

People who had travelled in this private train service had enjoyed the travelling and said that they received service like as in the air lines through their 2-1/2 hours journey to Kandy.

Luxury Train Service in Sri Lanka.

Whenever you are travelling between Colombo and Kandy you will pass lot of places that are scenic and beautiful. Now with the private super Luxury expo rail compartment the trip is more memorable one with the available facilities and services. Yes, inside the compartment you will get comfortable seats with full air condition, LCD TV for your entertainment, Free Wi-Fi which will allow you to communicate with your friends through internet, share the captured images instantly with your friends through social media.

Luxury Train Service in Sri Lanka.

Onboard train you can get tasty meals and can drink tea or coffee as much as you want. Don't worry there are good hygienic washrooms too are available in the train compartments.

Mean while Jaffna town is connected with Colombo city through the newly laid railway track recently. One luxury train with fully air-conditioned compartments is operating between Colombo and Jaffna and it takes nearly 6 hours only to reach the destination.

Colombo to Jaffna Train Service. Those tourists who are coming to Srilanka and want to travel to Jaffna are requested to check with the Defense Department to see whether any travel restrictions are applied on them. This can be done through your travel agent. Best way to travel to Jaffna by train is to catch the fully air-conditioned Express Train which will take around 6 - 7 hours to Jaffna from Colombo.

There is one early morning train from Colombo called as Yarl Devi, then there will be and intercity express and in the evening there will be a train service called as mail train. Colombo – Jaffna train tickets can be reserved by visiting any of the main railway stations like Colombo, Wellawatte, Vavuniya or Jaffna. All the Sri Lanka railway train seats can be reserved through the Dialog and Mobitel mobile phone network within 45 days of your intended travel date.

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Recently a new train service was introduced up to Mannar from Colombo Fort railway station. Mannar train line is good for you to reach Madhu Church.

Also there is a special train service is running between Katunayake air port and Colombo city for the benefits of the air line passengers.

Smoking is prohibited in the stations and inside of the trains. Violators will be prosecuted under the Sri Lanka laws.

You must keep your train ticket with you and it is valid for that journey only.

If you wishing to travel with extra comfort on the Sri Lanka railroads, contact Expolanka or ceylontusker tours.

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