Indian Visa On Arrival.

Sri Lanka passport holders are included in the eligible country list to obtain on arrival visa facility to enter in to India. Already citizens from Bhutan, Nepal and Maldives can enter India without obtaining a prior visa from the Asia region.

Mean while Sri Lanka passport holders are already enjoying this facility where they can fly to travel to Singapore and Maldives without a visa, entry is granted on arrival, no questions asked, no backgrounds checks carried out. No entry fees are levied to the visitors either.

So if you are planning to visit India with your Sri Lanka passport,

  • Apply online using the web form.
  • Pay your visa fees online.
  • Receive your ETA through email and get a printout of it.
  • Travel with this paper and passport to New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkatta, Hydrabad, Bengalore, Trivadiram, Kochchi or Goa.

The process will take 4 days of time. The expected fee is US$ 60.