Sri Lanka Helicopter Transfer and Tours.

Sri Lanka Helicopter tours and transfer facilities are available to more than 30 destinations to and from Colombo. Recently the popular helicopter service provider is permitted with the necessary permission to start their service within the Colombo city limit.

If you are a promising business owner and want to expand your business in Sri Lanka and you may have little time to spend here.
Then you can get this helicopter transfer service right from the Colombo International air port to your hotel's helipad without any delay. You don't have to take the limousine which may take your time and sometimes make you get trapped in Colombo traffic too. This delay may affect your heavy meeting schedule. but the helicopter transfer is the fastest way to get to hotels in time for the business meetings.

Also you can invite your business partners and your office workers from their remote places through this helicopter transfer service to your hotel within minutes to make your business meeting easier without any waiting and delay in your Sri Lanka visit schedule.

The reliable service is provided by good companies and through best available helicopter pilots in the island. As Sri Lanka is in the tropical region you don't have to worry much about the weather too as here are always sunny season available for you to fly through.

In Sri Lanka there are no daily schedule flight service provided by the helicopter transfer service providers. All you have to do is call their office and arrange your Helicopter tour or transfer in the day time. Night charter may be little costly one due to the security of the helicopter service. Most of the helicopters used in Srilanka are Bell brand where a single pilot can take 4 passengers safely and quickly around Sri Lanka.

If you are with tight schedule and have little time to spare then you can get a sightseeing experience from the Helicopter tour operators with prior arrangement and with the required time schedule to have the trip on the air to the popular tourist destinations.

The popular Helicopter service provider is Helitours located in Colombo.

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