Cycling in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a good place to ride on your bicycle, specially in the villages. When you are visiting Sri Lanka bring your bicycle to explore villages and small towns over here.

There are no cycling lanes for you to ride in the big cities like Colombo. But in the villages it is normal for everyone to go on cycling as there is not much traffic to worry about. Cycling Here you can buy brand new bicycles like utility bicycles, mountain bicycles, racing bicycles, touring bicycles, hybrid bicycles, cruiser bicycles, BMX Bikes, ladies cycles and bicycles for children. Many local people use to rent these bicycles near to your hotel or at beach fronts. Some of them are made for travelers like you, which have special side stands to hold your travel kits and bags with you all the way. Like Belanwila area in Colombo you can hire new cycles Rs 100/ hour in the nearby shops and can ride through the specially made cycle tracks around the marsh land covering a distance of 3KM when you complete a circular run.

Ever year in the month of April there used to be many local bicycle racing competition for the standard and racing bikes to celebrate the local New year festival.

Take care while riding on the streets, Sri Lanka uses the Left hand drive lanes like the UK and Singapore. So if you want to do cycling in Sri Lanka, take more care at the cross junctions, color signals and pedestrian crossings, if you are coming from USA or from any of the European country.

It is compulsory to have light to be fitted on the front of the bicycle to have good visibility for the rider in the night. On the rear of the cycle you must have red reflectors to warn the vehicles in the night. You can find head gear for your safety and GoPro cameras too are available on daily rental basis. There are different kinds of terrains in any place for you to enjoy your ride. You can ride along the beaches, farm fields, paddy land and if you like ride through jungles on nicely paved roads you can do it but better get some local people's advice on the wild animals. There are good roads in the mountainous region for you to do and also wet and dry dirt drive areas for you to enjoy your cycling experience. Cycling

Sri Lanka offers cool winds in some months and dry and lit with sunlight along with high temperatures depending on the region you may like to select and stay. There is no Snow falling that may disrupt your cycling experience while you are coming here as a tourist. Sri Lanka is a country in the tropical region with Sun shine and rain where its hill country is always cool due to its location.

If you like you can bring your own bicycle with you from your home to ride here. But you must report it to the custom officer and must take it back with you when you return back home.