Buy Best Tea in Sri Lanka while Touring there.

Sri Lanka is one of the top tourist destinations in the South Asia. While you are touring in Sri Lanka you can buy Sri Lankan tea which is also called as Ceylon Tea. The Ceylon tea is very popular all over the world for centauries for it's taste, fragrance and refreshing power.

There are many kinds of tea available at different prices. The Ceylon tea is graded in to two types as low country grown tea and hill country grown ones. Then it comes as BOPF with strong brew for breakfast and BOP is for afternoon tea and it doesn't give strong brew for good taste in the evening.

Then there is Black, white, green, aromatic and herbal tea too available from different factories.

SilverTips Tea.

In Sri Lanka Silver Tips tea is very expensive. Some of the top branded Silver Tips tea will cost around US$ 500 per Kilo. SilverTips is a kind of white tea and is grown in high hills and harvested very carefully to provide a light, sweet, sublime flavor. SilverTips is not tea leaves but are terminal buds plucked from the high grown tea bushes and in the process it is not fermented or rolled to give the light sweet tea to enjoy. SilverTips tea is expensive because it is harvested only a few days out of the whole year. SilverTips are normally packed in special tin packages to preserve its smell and freshness.

To purchase good Sri Lanka tea you can look for tea factories on the way to the hill countries while you are travelling in Sri Lanka by road. You can buy tea for present purpose in different size and colorful pickings. Also those tea factories are selling good tea packed in heat sealed bags. You can buy 100, 250, 500 grams or Kilo. To keep the freshness and the fragrance always buy it in small packets. Also at the tea factory the factory management will take you on a tour to view how the tea is processed from green leaves to dark sweet smelling tea leaves.

You can buy tea at tourist shops and at Colombo airport packed in fancy packets at little high price than the normal shops and factories.

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