Best buy in Sri Lanka.

Tea set Best buy in Sri LankaSri Lanka offers many valuable and exotic beautiful things for you to take home as souvenirs and artifacts to remember your trip to Sri Lanka as a tourist or visitor.

You can find hand made Gold or Silver jewellery with or with out best adored Srilanka Gem stones. Brass works, Wood craft, Batik Clothes, Pottery, Clay, Ceramics, Porcelain and many more are available to select from Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka offers beautiful porcelain products too, which are made in Sri Lanka as top quality products for export purpose only. There is vast selection of dinning set, coffee set, tea set and many more ceramic wares can be purchased here at an affordable price with perfect packing to take them back to your homes. For example the batik tea set from Sri Lanka is very popular all over the world. It comes in different number of pieces, designs and shades. A Batik tea set used to contain 17 pieces in total which will include tea cups with saucer, tea pots with lids, sugar bowls with lid and creamer pots.

These batik tea sets are really valuable one and can be kept for generations. Their colors won't fade and the porcelain too will stay for years with out fabrication cracks. In Sri Lanka you can find finely crafted brass tea sets, silver tea sets and stainless tea sets too. These products can be purchased all over Sri Lanka in tourist markets. Also you can find them at the Colombo International airport departure lounge. There you can buy them with the foreign currency or with your credit cards only. Sri Lanka Government owned handy craft promotional shops too are selling these kinds of products at a fixed price. These shops are operated to assist the craftsmen to promote their products to the visiting tourists.