Special Air Ticket Prices.

Special air ticket prices are available as a seasonal offer in Sri Lanka. Most of these special offer air tickets are offered by the travel agents and tour operators in the tourist trade off season.

Short tour packages to Asian countries from Colombo too available at low price during this season. Some of the travel offices look after the visa application and collecting too on behalf of you at affordable extra cost. Those offices will assist you in the visa form filling and submitting it to the relevant Embassy or will do the online application for the visa assisted by the tour operator's office personal.

Here is the air ticket price list of a popular air ticket seller of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Chennai 15,500/- Singapore 26,500/- Trichi 18,800/- Malaysia 29,500/- Mumbai 27,500/- Bangkok 24,000/- London 89,500/- Male 28,000/- Melbourne 105,500/- Dubai 36,000/-

These special priced air tickets prices may change with out any notice. So take care to confirm it before you purchase any air ticket from the travel agent. Also take note that these flight tickets may not be endorsed or can't be changed to another person's name. Once the ticket is confirmed the passenger must pay the full amount of the air ticket. For any of your given reason the air ticket will not be refunded partially or fully.