Rooms and Suites with Jacuzzi tub.

When you are booking for rooms or suites in hotels don't forget to look for the rooms with Jacuzzi. Jacuzzi tub will give you warm bubbling water while multiple strategically placed jets will pulsate warm water against aching muscles for relief after a heavy day out You can watch TV programs and can sip your favorite drink while sitting in the round, hexagon, square or oval Jacuzzi tub with warm water massaging your body. This may seem to you as a luxury part but don't miss it as you don't know the benefit of this bath.

Most of the people can't afford it in their homes as it is expensive and takes a large amount of space. So when you booking your air ticket and your hotel with your travel agent don't forget to ask about the room with Jacuzzi tub facility.

Many hotels from all over the world have bridal suits with twin seat Jacuzzi tubs for the newly married couples and anniversary celebrators.

Jacuzzi was invented by Italian born Jacuzzi brothers while they are living in the U.S.A. Later it was developed by many people with different kind of jets, water warming and filtering facilities.