Online air ticket with seat, food and extra luggage.

Booking online air ticket for low cost air lines is simple and easy, if you have planned your trip. To do so you must first mark the Departure date, month and year in papers. If you are looking for a round trip then write down the return day, month, and the year.

Prepare your luggage and check the weight.

Normally the low cost air lines allow only 10 kilos of weight only.

If you carry more than that allowance, normally you will be charged for 15 kilos at the air port. More than that will not be allowed. You can pay for the excess weight in advance if you konw the weight. After the flight seat booking confirmation you can select to pay for the excess weight through your credit card or debit card.

Pre ordering onboard food.

You can buy food in most of the low cost airlines but pre ordering them with your credit card will allow you to pocket 20-30% of the actual food price onboard.

Select your seat.

At a small fee you can select suitable seats in the flight from the available seats in the Air plane's plane. This will give you a relaxed and comfortable flight experience. The payment can be made through your credit card.

Online air ticket with seat, food and extra luggage.