Olympic Games 2012.

Olympic games 2012 is another great event in the sports history. Tour and travels operators in the UK and the other important countries are busy with the air ticket booking and handling the fresh request from the people who want to witness these events.

Many charter flights are booked by the governments to transport their star athletes and the assisting people from all parts of the world.

The Olympic Games 2012 will take place in the UK with the Opening ceremony on 27th July to 12th August 2012.

Around 10,000 athletes will take part with the aim of getting a Gold medal for them and to their motherland through the summer games.

Air Tickets.

So if you are planning to visit the London 2012 Olympics find out good airlines to take you there and to bring back to your home country after the event as there will be a big rush. First check out whether you need a visa to visit UK as citizens of many countries need visas to visit the UK and it should be in your passport before you board the flight.


Like wise accommodation will be another problem to take care of along with the food. Those hotels which are located near to the Olympic village used to charge little higher price as room rates from their guest. Like wise there are private home accommodations too available around the Olympic village.

Local Transport.

You can find London bus pass or you can use the Olympic Javelin bullet train service. If you can spend enough money you can use the rent a car facility through the International car hiring companies. Take note London uses "Left hand lane drive" road system.

Olympic Game Event tickets.

The tickets for the Olympic Games 2012 are already on the sale through the internet.26 sports and a total of 39 disciplines will take place in the London Olympics. Around 8 million tickets will be sold for the main events while some sports events like Marathon will be free to watch.

London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games is going to offer more tickets on 8th May 2012 for opening and closing ceremonies and six other sports events.

Tickets price for the opening and closing ceremonies start at £995 each.

Tickets for the athletics, swimming, football at Wembley, volleyball, table tennis and boxing will be available for £20 to £720 each. After finalising the seating plans more than 43,000 contingency tickets will go on sale on Friday.

The tickets will be sold on first come first serve basis through the www.tickets.london2012.com web site. Nearly 8 million tickets have been sold for the Olympics and Paralympics and there are nearly 3 million tickets are still available from them.

Popular Games.

Sprint men

Sprint women.

London 2012 Olympic Football Tournament has been released.

Men's Olympic Football Tournament

Group A: Great Britain, Senegal, UAE, Uruguay

Group B: Mexico, Korea Republic, Gabon, Switzerland

Group C: Brazil, Egypt, Belarus, New Zealand

Group D: Spain, Japan, Honduras, Morocco

Women's Olympic Football Tournament

Group E: Great Britain, New Zealand, Cameroon, Brazil

Group F: Japan, Canada, Sweden, South Africa

Group G: USA, France, Colombia, Korea DPR

Official Olympic 2012 web site.