Maldivian airlines to fly Colombo by August

Maldivian airlines has made plans to fly direct flights to Colombo from the month of August. The first flight is expected by August 7th from Gan Addu (Seenu) Maldives to Colombo, Sri Lanka.

It is expected that there will be three flights per week will be served between the two countries as there are thousands of tourists are expected to fly between these destinations.

Other than there tourists there are plenty of Maldivians flying to Sri Lanka for to get medical services and higher education at affordable price. On the other hand Sri Lanka's man power service providers used to send their recruits through Maldives and also lot of Sri Lankan workers are also working in the service sector of the Maldives. So this kind of passengers' too will benefit from this direct flight service between these tow Island nations.

The airline is owned and operated by the Island Aviation Services Ltd of Maldives, is the leading domestic carrier of the country.

Distance between Sri Lanka and Maldives is around1036 Km.

Flight time between Sri Lanka and Maldives is around2 hours.

Sri Lanka to Maldives air ticket price US$ 120 – US$ 150 one way.