Visit Malaysia.

Malaysia is one of the beautiful countries where a tourist can feel happiness and relaxed vacations. The country is with multi race people living in harmony with multi religious believes.

As for a tourist it is rich with rain forests, beaches and under water life with corals and other interesting Items. If you are interested in the Malaysia's history it is wonderful to walk in the past to view the centaury old art works and remaining ruins.

If you want to play great golf there are many fine golf courses where many top competitions too take place. Or you can dive in the deep sea for a first hand experience of the under water world. Many more attractions are there to make your stay a memorable one.

As it is in the Tropical region, there is no snow or cold to spoil your stay. Sunlight, air and rain with fun filled events, these are waiting for you.

Malaysia holds one of the world famous Formula-1 car race championships in its grand circuit. Thousands of car sports fans used to flock Malaysia for this formula1 championship calendar event.

Malaysia offers five star hotels to homely accommodation to make your stay in to a feeling of that you are not away from your home. Malay meals with lot of selection should not be missed while you staying there. There are thousands of fine restaurants which offer variety of international cuisine prepared by top chefs.

Malaysia celebrates most of the international religious festivals like Ramadan, Vesak, Thaipusam, Xmas and many others. These provide people to live with religious harmony and faith in each other.

In Batu Caves remains one of the most famous tourist destinations as of Hindu temple where every year hundreds of thousands of Hindu devotees celebrate colorful Thaipusam festival.

Malaysia gets most of its tourists from Australia, New Zealand and Japan. You can reach Malaysia by land, air and sea routes. There are plenty cruise ships operating in this region all around the year.

U.S citizens who are visiting Malaysia for social, business or academic purposes are not requested to apply for a visa, unless they want to work in Malaysia. Other nationals can find visa information here.