Malaysia Airline Offer.


From February 14th onwards, Malaysia Airlines passengers will be able to get additional 10 kg free checked baggage allowance and they can carry excess baggage at reduced charges for to travel in all of its classes.

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The new rule will allow all passengers to take with them baggage with the allowance of 30, 40 and 50kg free in economy, business and first classes.

This won't apply to Los Angeles passengers where the charges are based on the piece system.

The excess baggage rate for each block of 5kg excess weight will be RM30, RM60 and RM90 respectively depending on zone of traveling Malaysia, the rate of RM30 applies for each sector in the zone within Malaysia and the Asean countries of Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Travelers travelling economy class can carry one piece cabin baggage of 7kg, mean while First and Business Class travelers can carry two pieces of cabin baggage - 7kg each.