Inside the Flight

If you are new to fly as a passenger, this page will give you valuable information.

When you are flying in an airline, there are some guidance from your airline regarding what you can carry with you and what you are not allowed to carry with you when you are boarding the flight.

Take your time to read, the back and inside of your air ticket for more important information. For example you allowed carrying an umbrella, your personal medicine and so many necessary items. But you can't carry scissors, knife, chili powder and many other items which may used to harm other passengers or the air line staff in side the air line. Also take note that you can't use any electronic equipment (Mobile phones, gaming devices, radios etc) once you are in side the airline, as it may disturb the airlines electronic control operations. So switch them off and wait till you get down to use them. There are some airlines allow their passengers to use these apparatus, so once you board the flight ask the flight crew regarding the electronic gadgets.

Once you are going inside of the flight, some time you may see newspapers and magazines on a table at the entrance, take one or two for your reading. Find your seat number and seat in the correct number; if suspicious ask the others to help you to find the correct number.

On top of your seat, there is a small carry box where you can keep your hand bags. (Don't forget to ask your travel agent about the weight and size of the bags you can carry with you. Keep in a small paper, your Passport number, it's date of issue, date of expiry and place of issue easily accessible as you may need it at the end of your flight, if you are departing at the stop you must fill the emigration form later when the flight is going to reach there.

It is better to fasten the seat belt till your journey, as sudden weather change may rock the airplane. There are incidents people got injured while in the turbulence. In good airlines you will be served with good sprits, wine and beer. Anyway double check if they are free or not, if the airline sale it will be very expensive. You will get your meals in time, if you feel sleepy you can get it later. You will be served with soft drinks, fruit juices, tea and coffee. Also if necessary, you can get pen and paper for writing, playing card packs, Chess games and many more if they have.

After meals most of the people want to use the toilets. So there may be a rush to use the toilets, You must be ready for this or drink and eat less. For your in-flight entertainment there is always music indifferent languages. you will find your head phones in new plastic bags. Some air line will charge for head phones. Some time in front of your seat you may have touch screen TV, or projection TV for your section. You can find the program list in the in-flight magazine, which is placed in front of your seat. Also there will be a complimentary magazine which you can take with you. Bon Voyage.

There are special care for babies, minors traveling alone, elders and disabled persons. When you book your air ticket request your needs at the air ticket booking office, they will be happy to help the passenger. Even if you are an vegetarian you can reserve vegetarian food for your in-flight meals.