Hot Air Ballooning

Hot air ballooning in Sri Lanka gets more and more passengers every day. Sigiriya, Galle and Uda Walawe area are the places where commercial hot air ballooning used to take place.

Most of the flights used to take off early morning and the flight lasts for 1 - 2 hours if the climate allows you to fly safely. Most of the hot air balloons in Sri Lanka have the facility to take 8 passengers at a take off for safe flights around the area.

From the balloon you can view beautiful paddy fields, jungles, wild animals and many other interesting objects. So don't forget to take your video camera and digital camera to capture those actions and scenario images for to tell show your friends and relatives once you are back home.

Hot air ballooning is a suitable leisure sport for the land of Srilanka. Here we don't have much Seasonal hazards of snowing, Non visibility, Cyclones, High rise towers, few cross running power Cables when comparing with the other countries. Currently, there are three areas Sigiriya, Galle and Uda Walawe, where licensed pilots can start to take off with passengers. For these two stations, October to April is the best as there is not much forcible air in these regions.

In the Srilankan hot air ballooning tour, there are two ways, to see bird's eye view of beautiful Sri Lanka. You can get in a Hot air Balloon operated by local companies or if you are a Licensed Balloon enthusiast you can fly your own one, with proper certification, licenses and permission.

If you want to have a fun ride in the hot Air balloon, as you know that there are no night flights, and Cool air needed for a good take off, so at dawn only the Balloons take off, normally passengers are given an hour flight by well experienced pilots. If you are a Balloonist, around March to there is Balloon festival too, for you to participate in Sri Lanka. Also you can hire balloons if you are a certified person to fly the hot air balloons. You can book your ticket for the hot air balloon flights one month earlier through your travel agent.

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