Passengers First Time Flier

There are nothing to worry for a first time flier about flying in an air plane. Don't get upset if you are going abroad for the first time. Ask your friends and relatives about their experience, do's and don'ts. But what we recommend is take your own time to plan your trip.

Before you start from your home check weather your Passport is with valid visa and your flight ticket are with you.

  • Check the flight number in the Air ticket. It will read something like BB230
  • At the airport you will go to the departure lounge.
  • There you can see a departure announcement board
  • You can see all the flights that are going to leave in short time.
  • Find your Flight number with the destination, time of departure and the gate number. While fill the Immigration form and Customs declaration forms.
  • Keep listening to the announcement about your flight number or keep watching the departure board for the sign "now boarding".
  • If you listen or see the Now boarding message proceed to the customs and safety checking.
  • After proceed to the Air Line counter which is showing your Flight Number. There you will get your boarding pass.
  • Then proceed to the Immigration, they will check your passport and will stamp departure seal in your passport.
  • Keep your Boarding Pass and proceed to the gate number mentioned as in the announcement.
  • When they open the door you can walk in to a shuttle bus which will take you to the steps of the Airline or satellite where you will walk in to the Air Line.
  • At the entrance Air hostess will guide you to your seat which is mentioned in your air ticket and boarding pass.Take your seat and fast your seat belt, wait for the flight to take off.
Depature board