Great Pyramid of Giza.

Great Pyramid of Giza is the only remaining wonders from the original old seven wonders. It is a man made tomb for the ancient kings. The Great Pyramid of Giza is located near Cairo in Egypt. To visit the tomb you must get the Egyptian visa before your arrival from the Egyptian authorities.

There are many luxury hotels to simple accommodations are easily available near to the Great Pyramid of Giza. Make your hotel room booking early as possible. To get a good view of the Pyramid you must book the hotel near to it. To visit the interior you will need to have a paid guide's service and you will take part in groups to view inside. Any how there are plenty of cultural shows take place near to the temples. You can take camel rides or can book your desert vehicles. It is also better to take tour buses to visit around. Best one is to take the Nile cruise trip which will enable you to view more important places along its route. Best month to visit there is October where many shows and events take place.

Keep change in your pocket as you may need to pay Tips (Baksheesh) every where.

Caps, sun glasses and fully coverable white cotton clothes will save you from the hot sun there.

Food is excellent in the hotels avoid food from out side vendors. Drink enough mineral water and always carry a bottle with you.

Phone service is available every where, and it is better to use the phone cards as they will allow you to talk for a reasonable time. Also you can get calls from the hotels but first ask the rate before you get connected.

You can take flights or cruise ships to visit Egypt very easily.

While you are there, communicate with the other tourists and get their advice too.

Great Pyramid