Buying Air Ticket with Credit Card.

Most of the air lines are now offering low priced air tickets through their web sites. You can do a search in the internet for these cheap air tickets or go to each of the air lines web sites one by one.

Also you can go to these website pages and register for their news letter. So when ever they have an offer you will get email alert to your email inbox.

These tickets can only be bought by a credit card of the owner.

So if you decided to buy an air ticket take care of the following things.

Don't go from a email link or from advertisements to buy a ticket.

Type the web address in the address bar with correct spelling.

(Because there are many phishing web sits operated by criminal people just to look like major web sites and cheat the visitors.)

Go to the registration page and read all the fine prints and get understand or get a printout of them.

(Some very low priced tickets may have many unfair conditions.)

if all the conditions are acceptable to you do the registration.

When asked make the payment through your credit card.

Get the confirmation and price of the ticket in printout.

Get your Air ticket too in printout, this print out receipt will be changed at the air port in to Boarding Pass.

About your Credit card

Get it from a good company which offers good 24 hour support.

The best one, always offer you about the transaction deal in to your mobile phone at the instant

Some other good companies will call you personally and will tell you about the transaction.

If you find out there is a ticket is bought on with your credit card quickly inform to the involved air line and to your credit card company.