Buy Travel Insurance.

Buying your travel insurance is an important thing to make your trip a trouble free one. Never miss this part of travel insurance in your travel plan. If you think that you have got the required visitor visa and had reserved your air ticket is enough for to start your journey abroad.

This travel insurance is designed to cover many things while you are on a holiday. Many countries require you to have this international travel insurance or any travel insurance that can cover your trip for that particular country. Travel insurance is designed to cover many things during your overseas trip. Specially when some thing goes wrong while you are abroad the insurance company will look after it if the conditions apply. Don't think that your banker's insurance or credit card insurance will cover your expenses when you had met with an accident.

You can ask your travel agent to provide you with a good travel insurance plan at a reasonable price. They will contact their associate insurance partner to provide you with the required traveler insurance. Be calm and take your time and if necessary ask the agent what the insurance will cover and what the insurance policy will not cover.

If you are in need of transport back to your home with injury, your country Embassy or consulate will not cover the cost of the scheduled flight, stretcher and paramedic escort from the other country. Normally the cost of the scheduled flight, stretcher and paramedic escort from UK to Colombo, Sri Lanka may cost you around US$ 20,000, if you don't have travel insurance.

So ask your travel agent to get your travel insurance at an affordable cost with good coverage. Normally the insurance must cover medical and health cover for an injury or sudden illness which can occur while you are abroad, 24 hour emergency service and assistance, personal liability cover in case you're sued for causing injury or damaging property. lost and stolen possessions cover and cancellation and curtailment cover. The travel insurance policy must cover the whole time from the day you take off till you arrive home.

Also check whether you policy covers personal accident covers and legal expenses cover. Take note that most of the insurance companies don't cover drink or drug-related incidents. So don't forget to buy your travel insurance and read carefully about the coverage plan before you take off.

In the recent year's developments many travelers stranded in Europe and Thailand airports were not assisted by their insurance companies. When the eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull sent ashes to the sky and disturbed the air line flights in the Europe the insurance companies said that their policies don't cover volcanic eruptions and can't support those passengers in those European air ports with the insurance policy coverage.

Like wise in Thailand political unrest left air passengers in chaos and the insurance companies didn't like to support the passengers as their policy don't cover political unrest and terrorism related incidents. So it all rest in the hands of the God. Although you have to check whether yours Government has issued any travel warning to those countries which you have intended to travel and ask your insurance agent whether it is OK to travel there. Other wise you have to make yourself to be prepared to face like those incidents.

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