Shan Travels - Info web for travels & tours Air Tickets Air Ticket contains your name and important details of your air travel plan. Once you got your ticket from your travel

agent read it carefully. Check weather your name is written correctly, whether you have to pay any Air Port taxes. There will be your Carrier name Like "Sri lankan" in code name UL. Flight Number like UL-340. Which identify your particular flight to your particular Air Ticket destination. There will be your flight's times in 24 hour format. If you have Transit, the time of the connecting flight time will be in local standard time of that Airport. Also the Town or city names will be in code names, like CMB for Colombo. There will be weight of the allowed baggage for your travel like 20Kg or 40Kg. Passenger type like economy class will be marked as "Y" and if you are travelling in first class it will marked be as F. Air TicketAnother important thing you must look for in the ticket is the "status" of your flight, if it is "ok", you have a seat reserved in that flight and your travel is confirmed. If your status say "RQ" means you have to confirm it at the Airport in your Airline's counter, as soon as possible. If you have a "RQ" on your transit Airport, as soon as you reach that Airport quickly reach to the transit terminal counter and ask them to confirm your flight and try to get your boarding pass. If you have any travel plan change, inform it to your agent and endorse the new flight date and time on your Air ticket. Some airlines may charge money for the endorsement procedure. Your travel agent may assist you in the following. - If you are a vegetarian you can ask him to arrange vegetarian meals to be served as in flight meals. - If you have small babies you can ask to arrange baby food or assistance in preparing it in the flight. - Elders can get wheel chair service from the airport gate to the airline and vise versa after landing. Now most of the airlines are providing facility for GSM mobile phones and GPRS gadgets to be operated while flying in the sky. If you have International roaming facility ask your travel agent whether you can use your mobile phone in the sky after take off and before landing. Many air lines offer sky ward satellite phone service where you can pay for it through your credit card. Tiger Airways to Fly to Colombo. If you are looking for Cheap Air tickets Contact us: