Air travel cost becoming cheaper in India.

Due to the air ticket price competition between the local operators Indian passengers can buy cheaper air tickets now. Recently Air India too announced a simple price reduction to be a competitive in the field.

They had now released a 60-day advance purchase fare scheme to attract local travelers for its domestic flights. These prices are very close to the Indian A/C train tickets.

The offer started yesterday for sale for many routes that are operated by Air India for travel commencing 60 days and beyond and it can be used from middle part of the month May. It is not to be confused with their other offers as 30-day and 7-day special fares which were announced recently.

According to the spoke person this is an aim to attract more passengers who are travelling on trains during the peak holiday season and a way to be in leisure travel market.

Here are some suggested prices.

Delhi-Mumbai Rs. 3,981

Delhi-Lucknow Rs. 2,562

Mumbai-Kolkata Rs. 4,556

Mumbai-Bangalore Rs. 2,930

Delhi-Chennai for Rs. 4,852

Delhi-Kolkata Rs. 4,012

Delhi-Hyderabad Rs. 4,012

Kolkata-Hyderabad Rs. 3,798

Kolkata-Chennai Rs. 3,798

Now the Indian local passengers can enjoy low flight fare during the holiday season as SpiceJet, Jet Airways, IndiGo, GoAir and Air India are offering them now.

Air India