Air tickets buying online.
Buying air tickets online is essay and cheap whenever you are going to make a trip whether it is inland or overseas. As there are no travel agents involved in the air ticket purchasing, you must take utmost care for any errors, before booking your cheap online air tickets through your PC or laptop which should be connected to the internet

Plan your departure and arrival dates clearly and write it down in a sheet of paper. After writing them check it with your family members or friends if they are accompanying with you in the trip. Keep your credit card or debit card handy.
Check for the expiry date of the plastic card and confirm whether you have enough funds to pay for the air ticket. Start your printer that is connected to your computer ready with blank paper and print out a sample copy to check the quality of the print. Go to the desired air line's web site. Eg: Select the country and the preferred language form the web site. If it is necessary become as a member in their web site with your true information and email. Some airlines require you to become as a member in their web site. But when giving out your email, use your secondary email as you will start to get offers from them regularly. Select your departure and return dates. Also check the day and year too. Select how many people are going to travel with you. If every thing is ok, proceed to the payment gateway. Some airlines offer you low priced travel insurance from them. Some make it as compulsory to buy travel insurance from them. Some air lines may require you to pay for your food and beverages and it can be selected in the web site while you order your online air ticket. And will allow you to carry extra weight at special price that are used to be offered in the web site while you purchase your online air ticket. Seat plan arrangement too can cost you extra payment if you select any seats that you want particularly. The expected air ticket price may be little higher once the air line adds the local taxes to it. Make your payment through the payment gateway. Once it is done you will be shown with the eticket and payment receipt. Save the eticket page first in your computer and then give the print order. Your e-ticket is ready. Check your e-mail inbox you will have more information on the e-ticket and other purchase you made in that air line's web site. If you have purchased the travel insurance the information will come to your email inbox. Most of the air line tickets are not refundable if conditions are applied. Change of travel dates are mostly not allowed even if the travel dates are allowed to altered then there will be special charge will be applied. Bon Voyage.