Travel Agents in Sri Lanka.

In Sri Lanka there are many air ticket booking travel agents and tour operators. To buy a low priced air ticket you must always go to a registered Travel agent, tour agent or air ticketing agent who are accepted by the - The International Air Transport Association (IATA).

You can find many travels agents all over Sri Lanka but very few IATA membership holding travel agents. (Around 80-90). If you go to a reputed travel agent and ask him how much kilos of baggage can I take with me in the flight, his answer will be 7 kilos of hand luggage and 20 kilos of luggage.

But a tricky cheap travel agent will say you that he can give you 27 kilos of baggage. So you will think that you are going to get a total of 27+7= 34 kilos from him. Also many time they used to send travelers with RQ (Request) status air tickets instead of OK status tickets. And at the transit point they may stuck up with out a connection flight to continue their journeys.

Colombo travel agents are equipped with latest internet technology to book the air line seats through online and to issue e-tickets for the Sri Lanka passengers.

These trusted popular Srilanka travel agents are not anonymous, they have their own offices, phones, fax and emails which you can reach easily to contact them.

These travels agents will tell you about the promotional offers and seasonal offers that are offered by leading airlines operating to Colombo air port. Once you have booked any air ticket with them then you can easily alter your travel dates by paying a small amount to their partner office or to their bank account through phone from any where in the world.

Sri Lanka air ticket information can be obtained from them.

You can make advance air ticket booking for Srilanka bound flights.

You can buy air tickets from the trusted agents and can change dates in advance, if it is necessary.

For the Visa application purpose you can get flight itinerary form the travel agent for around Rs 1,000/-. This amount will be deducted when you are purchasing a flight ticket from them.